Villanueva del Arzobispo students participate in the planting of 5,000 plants on Jaencoop Group land

The municipality of Villanueva del Arzobispo (Jaén) has 5,000 more plants thanks to the initiative promoted by Grupo Jaencoop and the City Council of Villanueva del Arzobispo. In this activity, which has had the collaboration of Deoleo and the European project Soil O-Live, the students of different educational centers such as the IES “Nieves López Pastor” and the schools “Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta”, “Cristo Rey” and SAFA have participated. Among the 5,000 plants that have been planted there are elms, oaks, gall oaks, mastic trees, cornicabras, rockroses, etc., typical flora of the Mediterranean forest.

Deoleo’s Sustainability technician, Bartolomé Lara, informed the attendees about the importance of implementing good practices in the preservation of the environment, starting at home, including daily habits from an early age. He also informed about the European project Soil O-Live, which is based on the study and care of olive grove soils, maintaining optimal vegetation covers for the quality of the tree and the fruit, thus preserving and protecting the health of the soil.

In this sense, Lara recalled that it is essential to preserve the soil, a resource that is difficult to regenerate, according to the European project Soil O-Live: “The agricultural systems of the Mediterranean areas, in which the olive grove is included, are at the limit of their environmental sustainability, which will have repercussions on productivity in the immediate future if the appropriate measures are not taken”.

Regarding Deoleo’s Sustainability Protocol, he stated that it has three fundamental objectives. “To help people and their livelihoods, creating quality jobs and enabling the economic development of the supply chain; to raise the quality standards of olive oil and to value and protect the environment, eliminating the negative impact on soil, water and biodiversity,” he said.

During this day, the attendees were able to taste a miller’s breakfast, highlighting among children the importance of healthy eating and the value of olive oils.

For its part, Soil O-Live is part of the Soil Heath and Food Mission of the R&D&I program Horizon Europe (the European Union’s framework program for research and innovation for the period 2021-2027).