Farmers of Los Santos de Maimona are trained in sustainable production by the hand of Deoleo and the European project Soil O-Live

Farmers from the town of Los Santos de Maimona, in Badajoz, have been trained in sustainable production and the importance of plant cover, with the help of the company Deoleo. This training has been held in the framework of the European project Soil O-Live, with the aim of promoting sustainable olive oil production among farmers.

The day began with the intervention of Bartolomé Lara, Deoleo technician, who reported on the company’s Sustainability Protocol.

This European project is supported by a consortium of 17 partners and has a funding of almost 7 million euros under the Soil Heath and Food Mission of the R+D+i program Horizon Europe (framework program for research and innovation of the European Union for the period 2021-2027).